Friday, 22 April 2011

A Good Friday...

Today is Good Friday. Yesterday was Maundy Thursday. And in most predominantly Catholic countries, both days are holidays. But in Korea, both holidays are not observed.
So, today, even though I was too busy at work, I, as a Catholic, made sure I was able to observe Lent.
So, with my umbrella, I walked under the April showers through Myeong-dong to visit the Myeongdong Cathedral and joined a few Catholics who showed a semblance of their observance of the Holy Week. Some sitting quietly in prayer; some doing their Via Crucis (Way of The Cross).
After moments of prayer and I left the Cathedral, with the skies clearing up.
And on my way down, dropped a couple of paper bills to help out a man sitting under the cold weather, wet and waiting for passers-by to fill his box. And on the other side, I spotted a few tourists taking souvenir photos of the Cathedral. 
A few wet steps to church. A few quiet moments inside. And a prayer.

It was a Good Friday...

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