Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter To All!

A typical Easter is when every Catholic goes to church, celebrate Christ's resurrection and then hunt for Easter eggs!
That's the typical Easter. So, if you have extra boiled eggs, you can paint them with bright colors and hide them in your garden and let kids search for them.
But today, the nearest garden I could find was my neighbor's  which I doubt hid any colorful Easter eggs, although I could see that most of her laundries hanging from her clothesline were all colorful: from the shirts, trousers and of course, somebody's colorful undies. :-)
So off I went to Myeongdong Cathedral, where I attended a Holy Mass in Korean (I was late for the English Mass! Late by 8 hours! Ha-ha-ha!).  And as I expected, enterprising Catholics were selling colorful Easter eggs by the main parking lot entrance. These daintily painted eggs were colored and placed in creative baskets, and perhaps sold to raise funds.  And parishioners coming out of the church did drop by and got Easter eggs for themselves. 
I remember a couple of years ago, at the same spot, a Filipino friend got me a couple of Easter eggs that Sunday as a gift. I placed it on my office table for a couple days until....I ran out of snacks. Thanks to Maricon, those colorful Easter eggs also turned out to be nutrition! I cracked the eggs open and voila! Boiled eggs for snacks! Ha-ha-ha! 
So, were you able to get some Easter eggs today? And although those Easter eggs sold at the Cathedral weren't exactly FabergĂ© eggs, Czar Alexander would have enjoyed getting some of them for his wife and kids. 

Happy Easter, everyone!

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