Sunday, 26 June 2011

2011 Seoul FIVB Challenger: Beach Volleyball On A Hot Summer Afternoon (Part 3)

The all-German final at the 2011 Seoul FIVB Challenger took only two sets, with Karla and Britta winning over their compatriots Stephanie and Anni.
                    (the winners will receive a one-year supply of 
                          dried mangoes. Ha-ha-ha!)
                   (starting the match with a handshake)

The front seats of the bleachers would have been a perfect spot to take photos from, but since I arrived late, I just moved around and took photos from all the corners of the court. 

The best way, of course, was to walk around the 'beach' volleyball court with sandals or on barefoot like the players. My white Nike Air Presto turned brown. I had to wash them when I got home!

                                                      (good luck, girls!)

                                                            (cleaning the line)

                                                             (guten Tag!)

                                                                 (time out)
                                   (the ball was in!)
                                 (end of the match)

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