Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The 2011 Seoul Friendship Fair!

The skies were clear and the breezes cool at the Seoul Plaza!  And the yellow dust stayed away!

The booths from different countries were all decorated,  displaying their native food, products and crafts.  
Aside from the very sweet and juicy slices of pineapple I bought from the Philippine booth, I got a bowl of yummy Phad Thai from...where else? The Thai booth! For only W3,000, it was worth a filling lunch!
(Bananas, papayas and mango candies at the Philippine booth)
             (Yummy Phad Thai being cooked at the Thai Booth)

And the only souvenir I got was from the Kenyan booth, which sold these black-and-white necklaces made from bones of dead elephants, according to the Kenyan lady. 
Each booth has its own way of promoting the country's culture and tourism. 
                                     (Turkish costumes)

                 (Trying out costumes at the Thai booth)

And there were prizes for booths which had the best displays and decorations.

                    (Free bottled water and sun visors)

                        (San Miguel beer and bananas)

                                 (Philippine pineapples)

        (Justine from Toronto visiting the Philippine booth)

              (Filipinas at the Philippine booth with their 
                 handicrafts, bags, fans and necklaces)

                                                    (Philippine necklaces)

                   (People lining at the Philippine booth for free dried mangoes and sun visors)

                           (Performances at the Fair)

          (Korean actor Yoo Ji-Tae raising funds for World Vision)

(People queuing at the Norwegian booth for a salmon treat)

                 (A few of the thousands enjoying the Fair)

                   (Merry-makers from the Brazilian troupe)

                        (The crowd at the Seoul Plaza)
                        (Winners of the best booths)

Congratulations to the organizers of and to the participants in the 2011 Seoul Friendship Fair!   Everyone enjoyed the food, fun, crafts and the performances!

(The giant travelling art piece where you write a message for the world)
(My message to the world)

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