Monday, 6 June 2011

He Works Hard For The Money (And The Coffee)!

 Year-in and year-out, when spring comes, my busy season at work comes along with it:  working till midnight, till the weekend and till my wits give up. It's mainly the reason why I have not posted a blog for about two weeks now.
With too much to do, but with too little time, I had to share my lunch (and dinner) with work. And not wanting to get sleepy while on the job, I always need caffeine, a soda or a green tea!
So, when my tummy starts grumbling, I pick a place, pack my things and go! And any restaurant becomes a workplace, and a coffee table becomes my office desk!
It could be quite noisy, with all the people munching, chatting and babies crying (yes, there are babies in Starbucks!). But I just shut the noise out and do what I needed to do on the spot: work and eat and... work some more! 
Actualement, the bad side of my busy season is not the long hours. It's the eating to survive the long hours! Ha-ha-ha! With all the glasses of soda, cups of sweetened coffee, slices of cake and pizza, and plates of burgers, I am getting fat!
So, the next time you see a guy in a restaurant or in a cafĂ©, working with his coffee, his cake or with his burger, it could be me, working hard for the money...and the coffee!
But if you see that guy taking a photo of his food and work, then you know who he really is! Ha-ha-ha!

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  1. i thought u were busy,,,but u'r actually busy took a photos of your food haha