Sunday, 7 August 2011

Buddae-Jiggae: The Messiest Korean Food To Eat

And it's because of the small eating bowl! Ha-ha-ha!
Buddae-jiggae is always cooked on this oversized, round shallow pot, right on the table. It should be big so that all these various ingredients of Spam (my favorite ingredient!), noodles, beans, slices of sausages, tofu and vegetables would be able to swim on the boiling spicy broth, while its steamy vapor tries to induce you to salivate while it's still cooking. 
And when everything's cooked, rice on a small tin container and a small empty (and shallow, too!) bowl, are what you need to help you chow it down.
But I need a big plate! After all, those ingredients came from a cauldron! Ha-ha-ha!
And as if eating from the small bowl isn't torture enough, the clumsy splashing of the red broth would require you to ask for an apron from the ajumma, so that your shirt wouldn't end up turning red with the spicy buddae-jiggae broth.
Although it's that messy to eat, buddae-ji-ggae always gives me a memorable time on the table...complete with a spicy torture, a shallow bowl and an apron.

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