Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Cakes Of the Moon On The Day of the Sun!

I wasn't sure whether they're exactly of the moon. But the news that the mooncakes sent by my very thoughtful friend, Jeannie from Hong Kong, have arrived sounded yummy just the same!
I had to wake up early today, a Sunday, to pick them up from her sisters' home in Haebangchon, a residential neighborhood near Itaewon, popular to expatriates including Pinoys.
                                    (kimchi pots!)
So, I took my favorite Blue Bus 110 from Hannam-dong, got off at the Noksapyeong Station bus stop, and continued my crusade on foot.
Even though it's still summer, moving around in the early morning when the temperatures are still cooler and the breezes are still generous is a better idea than going outdoors at the time of the day when you can actually read  the words 'global warming' written on the face of the sun. Ha-ha-ha! In italics!
                         (the very helpful village bus)
Without sweating, I made it to Jeannie's sisters' home, which was situated on an alley with an amazing view of the Seoul Tower! They are living right under shadow of the iconic symbol of Seoul! I can just imagine the view they have every night when the tower changes colors. Perhaps, a night visit to this alley with my camera would be an interesting photo walkabout.
                                 (the Seoul Tower!)
And since most of the weekend clouds were still relaxing on their corner of the sky, I actually had a good walk around Haebangchon, taking photos of the main road with my mooncakes on hand.
                                  (a Pinoy store!)
A pile of kimchi pots, a village bus, early morning joggers and early risers on their way to their weekend jobs all shared the Sunday morning walk along Haebangchon with me (and my mooncakes!).
Thanks to Jeannie (and her sisters), I was able to enjoy the cake of the moon at the end of my walk on the day of the sun. 
                        (mooncakes crossing the street!)

Maybe a hopia next time? Ha-ha-ha!


  1. That Pinoy Mart, is it the one near Phil embassy? Just got curious^^

  2. This Pinoy store is a different one. I think the one you're referring to, the one next to the embassy, is the one being run by a couple (I forgot their names) who also used to have a store in Itaewon, next to the old location of the embassy.