Monday, 15 August 2011

Cooling Off At The Cheonggye Stream

It's been a hot (but rainy) summer in Seoul, and on nights when one needed to walk off a stomach full of spicy chicken dinner in Myeong-dong to welcome a kasimanwa (townmate) to Seoul, strolling along the Cheonggyecheon, or Cheonggye Stream is not a bad idea.
 (The Donghwa Duty Free Shop building on the opposite side of the road from the Cheonggye Stream where I bought the cheapest Faceshop scrub for my Mom...because it's duty-free!) 
                       (Less crowd, more space, more enjoyment!)

Since it was a week night, the crowds cooling off at the Cheonggye Stream were not as much as the ones you would see during weekends.   

                                            (Peeping down through the bridge)

Only a handful of parents with kids, couples and groups of  friends gathered at the stream, dipping their bare feet into the water.
 (The white and blue lighting behind the water falls at the source of the stream make the place a favorite photo spot for everyone.)
                                          (Enjoying coffee, tea or... soju?)

Or just enjoying the night scenes along the banks.

A couple of stand-up singers by the stream shared their melodies with the passers-by.
 (This guy was playing a ukelele and was singing English perfect pitch! He sounded much better than those over made-up boybands on TV who sing out of tune even while rapping!)

                            (Another singer with a guitar on the other side)

A few horse-drawn carriages were on hand to give couples a ride around the stream.
You can cross between the banks by stepping on stones.

A stroll to burn out the spicy chicken turned out to be a night photo walkabout by the stream.

 (The crowd under the bridge and under orange lighting!)
                                   (A photo exhibit under the bridge.) 

Passers-by played with the moving colored laser lights on the wall.

The Cheonggye Stream stretches for more than eight kilometers, and I didn't have the whole night to walk that far.

Perhaps, some other time after another spicy chicken dinner?

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