Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Question On A Hot Summer Lunch Time....

I asked myself whether it would be a good idea to venture out into the hot weather just to visit the building manager's office just to pay my monthly dues.

A stupid question with an obvious answer.
So, I went. I got into the subway station and headed to my neighborhood during my lunch break. Unfortunately, the office was closed when I got there, but I wanted to make sure that this trip out of my cool office and into the scorching pavements of Hannam-dong would serve its purpose.

I knocked on the glass door until somebody got irritated with the noise, stood up and welcomed me into her lunch break.  Ha-ha-ha!

I was able to pay my debt, and the trip was a success. But with the heat and the hunger clocking in at  noon, it was time to seek shelter and a meal.

The small restaurant in my block was an interesting option. I always pass this by as I make my turn home every time. Now, it's time to pay my respects.
I went in and ordered the less fatty from the menu: Japanese curry. A Japanese curry? Is this Japanese or Indian?

Well, it was curry and rice, and I could not tell whether it was created in Tokyo or New Delhi. Maybe it was created in Hannam-dong. Ha-ha-ha!

I didn't care. I was hungry, in a hurry and needed a cool room. 
(the coffee artists)
After I was done, I headed to my bus stop. But the cheaply priced iced cafe mocha (only KRW2,500!) from a cooperative coffee shop run by Korean ajummas looked like a sure complement to my confused curry lunch.  I ordered and two middle-aged ladies, with their four hands, brainstormed just to create the iced masterpiece for me. 
(iced cafe mocha, an R16 fan and a Nokia)
And just in time for the bus, their debt-free, curry-full and coffee-holding customer got into the bus and rode back to earning a living....
(at the bus stop)

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