Wednesday, 10 August 2011

R.I.P., My Nokia N8

I have been using Nokia phones for years now. If I counted right, I have used four Nokia phone models on my Globe Handyphone account long before I left for South Korea.  

And when I moved to Seoul, I decided to keep my post-paid Globe Handyphone account so that I could still keep in touch with family and friends even when I am out of the Philippines. I just needed to have my line's international roaming services activated.

But on November 5, 2010, my Nokia 6600 conked out on me; it just wouldn't turn on anymore. It just died! I called Nokia Korea and asked whether they have a Nokia smart phone model available here. They had none, at that time.

So, I asked my friend Jeannie, who lives in Hong Kong, to purchase for me, a new Nokia N8, a 3G-capable model which I could use in Korea, which was recommended by another friend, Manny (in Manila). And when Jeannie flew back to Seoul, she brought my new Nokia N8. I paid and thanked her for the favor.

And it's not yet even a year. Today, after I finished charging the Nokia N8, it stopped responding. I pushed its buttons, I touched its screen, I even prayed over it! It just died, too!

I called Nokia Korea again to ask for help (through my office phone). And the English-speaking girl from a call center in China (based on the country code on my phone caller ID) returned my call. I told her what happened, and she promised that somebody from Hong Kong (I told her where I bought the model) would call me back. 

Until now, nobody has called.

Dear Nokia, if you're reading this, I badly need my phone working again. Every now and then, my Mom would text me, and her messages range from words of concern (during the Yeongpyeong Island bombing of North Korea), to birthday greetings (just last month!), and to the most frantic (reminders that I don't forget her deep-red Estee Lauder lipstick and Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue perfume!). You wouldn't want to catch my Mom's ire. She was  a barangay captain for 22 years, you know. You wouldn't want her knocking on your door with her ever loyal legion of barangay tanods

I could not access my appointments calendared on the phone, I could not access my contacts, I could not use the camera nor access the photos I took, and worse, if I miss my meetings and appointments, my boss and friends will kill me!

So, Nokia, do let me know what I have to do with a dead Nokia N8. Should I bury it? Cremate it? Are you sending a representative to the funeral? I so trusted your technology. Don't fail me again.
                       (my Nokia N8, during happier days)

Please don't disappoint me, Nokia. I have been your faithful customer all these years. On Nokia Korea's website, Nokia X6 is available in Seoul, which means after-sales service is available for this model.

R.I.P. means...Replace Immediately, Please. 

            (my Nokia N8 whose clock stopped at 10:57AM, 
                               its time of 'death')


  1. hahaha thats funny prayed over the nokia phone hehe why dont you just go for samsung galaxy S2 ?its android i think thats one of the best phone in the market today ... hehe

  2. Thanks. Yes, everyone (and you're the latest!) is suggesting that Samsung Galaxy. So, I'm thinking of upgrading my Korean cellphone number to that model while I wait for Nokia to ship me a new unit.

  3. Switch to samsung!! Way better than nokia. I havnt used a nokia for ages and my 5yr samsung phone is still working perfectly. Havnt upgraded my cp for the past few years..haha. Luv their slim phones.