Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Summer Afternoon At Garuso-Gil

Garuso-gil is perhaps one of the streets in Seoul, where you don't see pajamas. Ha-ha-ha!
      (People crossing the highway and into Garuso-gil)
In my neighborhood in Hannam-dong, especially on weekends, people would just come out from their homes, grab lunch along the main street and spend an afternoon their pajamas! And I'm not talking about those hospital patients from the Soonchunyang Hospital walking to the convenience store along with their I.V. drips! Ha-ha-ha! 
(The trees lining Garuso-gil)
But if I want to see better-dressed people, I just take the Blue Bus 241 from Hannam-dong to cross the river, and get off at Sinsa Station Bus Stop, and walk to Garuso-gil! 
This street, whose name means 'lined with trees', is one of the best places in Seoul to people-watch! People (at least the majority of crowd!) here are just better dressed and good-looking! And some flashy cars, every now and then.
And a Saturday afternoon is always a very good time to walk through the street, pick up a restaurant and after that, find a coffee shop which still has some available seats!
People flock to the cafes along Garuso-gil. So, you have to watch out for empty seats for people leaving and immediately grab those seats!
                (from our seats at Coffeesmith's 2nd floor)
So, when I met up with friends (we were not in pajamas! Ha-ha-ha!) for a weekend lunch at Garuso-gil, we found ourselves stopping by several cafes until we found one where we were able to enjoy our coffees....from the second floor!

This street is also full of shops, but fortunately for me, I'm not into shopping at this pricey boutiques for things I don't think I'll ever need. 

But if you're the shopping-type, you can walk up and down the street all afternoon as most shops look enticing from the outside with their colorful display windows...and expensive price tags!

Since I am just a bus ride from Garuso-gil, I can just hurry down to this place in case I want to relax an afternoon away with friends, or watch people from a coffee table....or avoid seeing people in their pajamas! Ha-ha-ha!

 And if you want to enjoy that 'view', too, the nearest subway station is Sinsa Station, and from Exit 8, just walk straight until you hit the street.

I'm sure, along the way, you won't bump into people in their pajamas. Ha-ha-ha!

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