Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Village Bus For The Village People

Only for the second time in my years in Seoul, I rode the village bus!

The village bus has its route around a certain neighborhood, making it convenient for people and students to move from home to market, to school, to the next city bus stop, or to the nearest subway station. And since its route is short, it's also smaller and the fare cheaper!
And today, the first Friday of the month, I had to run to the Philippine embassy to catch the First Friday Mass that will be celebrated at noon.
Luckily, and conveniently (!), there's a village bus in my neighborhood whose route runs up to the Hyatt Hotel at Nam-san, next to the Philippine embassy! 
Since this bus is smaller, I was worried whether there would be enough space for commuters today. And that I'd be standing all the way with my head hitting the ceiling during a rough ride! (But an empty seat saved my head from the torture!).
This is what I like about Seoul. The convenience of moving around: from the city bus for city people, to the village bus for the village people (this is where we sing...Y-M-C-A! Ha-ha-ha!).
With the help of Yongsan's Green Village Bus 03, I was able to catch the First Friday Mass (and the Pinoy lunch after!).
(after the Holy Mass, an even holier lunch of kare-kare, pancit molo, lengua, bihon, fish fillet and Coke!)

Until the next first Friday...and village bus ride!

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