Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Exodus On Seollal!

Everyone was going somewhere this long weekend. It's Seollal, the lunar new year!  

And most Seoulites have already left the city for the provinces to visit their families. While others are leaving the country for a short break overseas.
(Steve Jobs and a hamburger joint)

It would have been nice to also hit the road again, but flying out of the country was out of the question. I just got back from   my Christmas vacation in the Philippines, and plane tickets are very pricey. It's a peak season!

 And hitting the road would also been good if only you don't know that 30 million other people are moving around the country during this long weekend. I certain don't want to be caught in a day-long traffic jam!

 (I always like the lines of the Seoul Station, from the beams, to the roof and down to the train tracks. It's a beautiful train station.)

And as I wandered around the less crowded city, I made a quick stop at the Seoul Station, the major hub of Korail's KTX trains which carry thousands and thousands of homeward passengers days before Seollal.

 And while I happened to watch a few of those thousands who were eagerly awaiting their trains or on their way to the platform to board them, I shared, in a way, their excitement of being homeward bound.

Happy Seollal, everyone!
       (A family happily posing before boarding their train)


  1. hi

    good to see your website! ive been to seoul a feew times mainly to take visitors around but not really to live there so i'm kind of excited about the prospect. i'll be moving to seoul soon and looking for new people to network with, so wondering about mini pinoy communities around

    my immediate concern though is if there are pinoy residential movers i can tap for my forthcoming move. am coming from daejeon.

    does anyone know of any?

  2. Hi, I have a Filipina friend who's connected with a moving company in Seoul. Is it okay to give her your email address so she can contact you? Let me know.

    Welcome to Seoul!

  3. hi
    jsut saw this now and already settled in seoul.. but thanks just the same..i can perhaps still use her number when i move to a better flat..