Monday, 23 January 2012

My Frozen Brazo De Mercedes In The Freezing Winter

I am lucky to have tita's (aunties) who know how to make first-rate brazo de mercedes, that very popular dessert in the Philippines which is of Spanish origin, and made of first-rate yumminess, and a few egg whites and bars of Anchor Butter. They don't use condensed milk on their filling, by the way. Condensed milk produces very commercial-tasting, cheap brazos, like the ones found at local cake shops.
And I'm even luckier to have brought to Seoul two brazos from my two tita's! I was able to squeeze them in plastic containers and voila! They're now sitting frozen in, well, the freezer!
And even in the middle of the freezing winter here in Seoul, I continue to enjoy the frozen brazos made from home while spending a lazy day (or night) at home during the Seollal holidays watching the Australian Open and writing a few blogs.

Now, let me finish my slice of brazo de mercedes first. The year of the dragon can wait.

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