Saturday, 3 March 2012

Congratulations To The Incredible Meryl Streep!

I knew she would win her third Oscar this time.

As I left Landcinema that night after watching The Iron Lady, I still didn't know what actually hit me.  As the closing credits of the movie were rolling down the screen, I still didn't  realize that the film was over. I was just blown away by  Meryl Streep's performance.

And while the elevator of Landcinema was taking me down from the 5th floor to the ground, I told myself that Meryl Streep would win the 2012 Oscar's best actress trophy. And she did win!

Her performance was just above everyone else's last year. Not even Viola Davis, who was favored to win the Oscar and who actually won the Screen Actors Guild Award for best actress trophy, could come close. (By the way, Viola and Meryl were together in the film, Doubt).

In the film for which she won her first best actress Oscar, Sophie's Choice, Meryl spoke in Polish (and with perfect accent!), and had to lose weight as a holocaust prisoner.  With such dedication to the character, that performance is hailed as one of the finest performances ever by an actor! 

I wonder what film (and character) she's going to give us next. But whatever it will be, I so look forward to watching the next movie of one of the most talented actors of our time.

Congratulations, Meryl!
(A photo I took of Meryl Streep's hand and shoe impressions at the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. I almost fell to my knees to worship it. Ha-ha-ha!)

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  1. Theo Molenbrugge3 March 2012 at 17:00

    I have not watched The Iron Lady yet but I do like her acting a lot. So I'm really happy she finally won an Oscar again!