Monday, 5 March 2012

Noon Time Is Soondae Time In Myeongdong!

Before I flew out of Korea in December, my very helpful Korean friend, JK, helped me get some Starbucks a discount! I met up with him in Myeong-dong to get the mugs, and he treated me to a buddae-jiggae lunch as a send-off lunchee!

(A very sad looking Spiderman. With a lot of tall buildings around him, he must have run out of spider webs.)

Now that I am back in Seoul, I wanted to return the favor. So, today, at noon, I took the subway and got off at Myeongdong Station, and headed towards his office building.

This time, I had a little present for him: a pack of Mangorind candies from the Philippines!
 (The restaurant was packed when he got there. 
But the wait was worth it!)
On my way to his office building, I was surprised to see a soondae restaurant!  That's where we decided to grab lunch! Soondae! My favorite!

(I counted how many slices of soondae in my broth. 
Only...4!    Why only 4? I want more!)

During weekends, Myeong-dong is pack of tourists and shoppers. But during weekdays, it's a lovely place to walk through with less traffic and more space for one to navigate.
 (Must be an opening of a new store. Guys and balloons in black, and girls in trench coats.)
And today, walking through Myeong-dong, meeting a good friend and enjoying a favorite Korean dish were a lot to be thankful for on a busy week at work.

Until the next lunchee, JK!


  1. Thank you for choosing my favorite Korean dish as a topic. In my last visit to Korea, I ate soondae in a franchise of Sinryngdong soondae restaurant, which supposedly has the nationwide network in Korea. It was unbelievably delicious!

    When I made travels to foreign countries, if I could find a Korean soondae restaurant there, it would be my restaurant of choice for the day.

    I suppose that in any major city of the world where some Koreans are staying, we could probably find the Korean restaurants which provide soondae and soondae broth in their menu.

    I ate the best soodae and soondae broth surprisingly in a Korean soodae restaurant which is located in Guatemala, Central America. It was second to none when it comes to soondae and soondae broth.

    It was kind of speechless shock : the excellent soondae specialty Korean reataurant is existing in Guatemala! The incredible Korean restaurant in Guatemala was just specializing in soondae and soondae broth and it was serving mostly the Korean businessmen in Guatemala, where Koreans are reportedly operating 150 factories and employing 70,000 local people.

    Throughout Central America and Caribbean Islands, Koreans are operating hundreds of factories and employing hundreds of thousands of local people. One big Korean factory in Dominican Republic is employing 20,000 local people.

    And in San Paulo, Brazil, South America, there are 2500 Korean businesses, some of which are operating factories, and they are employing half million Brazilians in San Paulo alone, which is indeed the whopping number. It is said that Korean businesses in Brazil are occupying more than 65% of market share in 190 million population's Brazil fashion and garment industry.

    1. Thanks!

      Wow. Interesting facts about Korean business in Brazil. But more interesting info about the soondae restaurant in Guatemala.

      I plan to visit the soondae town in Silim-dong someday. But I am worried with too many soondae restaurants in one area, I wouldn't know which one to choose.