Friday, 2 March 2012

What To Eat? Buko Pie, Of Course!

Vielen danke to Frau Sarah!  

I always am thankful for generous and thoughtful friends who always remember to feed me. Ha-ha-ha! And today, my friend Sarah, who just flew in from Manila, brought me a box of buko pie!  A pasalubong (present) from Los Banos, Laguna in the Philippines!
So, on this cloudy day in winter, just when I was about to ask myself a difficult question:  What to eat?
I realized the answer was already sitting on my desk. Buko pie, anyone?
Thanks again, Sarah!


  1. Could it simply called coconut pie?
    Is Buko Pie taste mostly coconut taste?

  2. If you’re traveling from/to Tagaytay City, Laguna, Batangas or somewhere in San Pablo City, the usual food gifts or pasalubong for family and friends would be buko pie, cassava cake and other delicacies.