Sunday, 6 May 2012

An Orange Full Moon Over Seoul!

As I'm not exactly a werewolf, I didn't pay much attention to the lunatic event when the moon this weekend was supposed to have been 'up-sized'. I saw huge photos of the full moon on Facebook uploaded by friends, and more on the Internet. But tonight, I decided to see for myself. 
                (That's the moon above the Gangnam skyline.)

And since my neighborhood is just next to the Han River, I walked to the elevated area near the Hannam Bridge, and lo and behold!  An orange full moon!

It was a rare sight, indeed. And since I didn't hear any howling in my neighborhood while the moon was rising, I guess my neighborhood is free of werewolves. But if you're growing fur and fangs while looking at this photo, well, you can just leave a howling comment.
Good night!

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