Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dreaming Of Dolor And Her Kakanin!

'Kakanin' is a collective term to describe yummy Philippine delicacies which either serve as a snack or a dessert. Or in my case, it's dinner in itself!

The Philippine kakanin is colorful, sweet and mostly made from rice, usually glutinous. That's why for me, it's a meal! A meal and a dessert!

And one of my favorites is the sapin-sapin, which literally means 'layer-layer'. It is made of colored layers of sweet, ground glutinous rice, cooked with coconut milk, sugar and coloring to make these sticky delicacy more the eyes and palate!

The day after our Christmas party with friends in Manila last December, I was able to swing by the Landmark foodcourt in Makati City, and got me a box of Dolor's Kakanin's sapin-sapin, which I brought (and definitely enjoyed!) with me to my hometown, Victorias City!

And this summer, when I fly to Manila for a break, getting one or two boxes of this special delicacy to bring back to my other hometown, Seoul, is definitely in my itinerary! But in the meantime, as I write this blog, tasting that kakanin remains, well, a dream...

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