Sunday, 24 June 2012

Munching Mandu In Mapo!

It was my friend Ruth who told me about this popular mandu restaurant near the Hapjeong Station. She raved about it!

She and her family discovered this mandu place years ago. So, she has been eager to bring her friends there, too!

And one lunch time, I was able to find time to travel all the way to Hapjeong Station in Seoul's Mapu district to find out for myself.

So, I met up with Ruth at the station's Exit 2, and just walked for a few meters to find this popular eatery.

I have been always a fan of mandu, the Korean dumpling. With all my years in Seoul visiting mandu restaurants all over the city, I am lucky to have discovered some of the best tasting versions of this recipe! 

And this time, it's another chance to enjoy mandu from the Mapo-gu side of Seoul.

And looking at the menu, there was a lot to choose from. They also had other non-mandu dishes, actually. But I stuck my sights to a mandu plate. And their prices were reasonable, too!

As our tummies were reminding us that it was time to stuff ourselves, we ordered!

I had mandu with in a broth with tteok and rice!  And Ruth ordered meat mandu.  We both loved it! Burp!

Though it was far from home, travelling to Mapu-gu for its mandu was definitely worth the trip. Although I told Ruth there was also a very popular mandu place in her Insadong neighborhood. 

So, thanks to Ruth for introducing me to this place (and to the lunch treat!). If I find myself in this corner of the city again, I now know where to head to...

...and get myself to munch Mapo's mandu!

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  1. Yeap this mandu restaurant is definitely something to rave about! I've tried out the branches near Sinchon & also near Yeouido! Nice! ^^