Thursday, 21 June 2012

To Yeosu Expo 2012...And Back!

I have been to Yeosu years ago. To attend a halloween party.  

But this time, it wasn't just going to be a small party. It was a huge the beach!

Months ago, I booked a flight to Yeosu for the Expo, but when I scoured the Internet for a place to stay, I found out that the hotel rates were so pricey!  Squandering KRW 100,000 a night wasn't worth it!  So I thought of another alternative:  Take the KTX from Yongsan Station early in the morning, roam around the Expo for a day, then take the KTX back at night. And then I found out that the KTX schedule going back to Seoul was too early!

Luckily, after all those planning, I was able to get me a seat at my favorite travel club in Korea: a bus ride leaving Seoul Friday night, arrive at Hang-iram at 5AM on Saturday to catch the sunrise, get to the Expo at 9AM, catch the 'Big O' fountain show at 9PM, then leave for our hotel at the Jiri-san valley! And the next day, Sunday, climb the third highest peak of the Jiri mountain range! How cool is that!  We would be back in Seoul by Sunday night!

This itinerary was so much better! Better than flying or taking the KTX!  We were able to stay the whole day at the Expo roaming around the international pavilions, tasting different cuisines, watching the beluga at the very popular Aquarium Pavilion, and admiring the advanced robotics at, well, the Robot pavilion!

...the performances from different countries...

....visiting the Philippine pavilion and getting myself some araro cookies and polvoron, and enjoying the Gruppo Tribale performance....

...and watching as the finale, the spectacular 'Big O' fountain show...

and the fireworks!

And after spending the whole Saturday near the beach, it was time to climb the mountain!  Jiri-san!

I have been back from Yeosu for days now, and with those hundreds and hundreds of photographs I took, I don't know which one to feature in my blog!

But perhaps, when I am done, I would be able to write about my memorable weekend and feature those photographs, and relive my trip to Yeosu....and back! 


  1. What is the name of the travel club did you book this trip with? I would love to go to the expo with an itinerary already set up to make things easier!

    1. Soooo much easier than planning it myself. No hassle, no delays, no worries!