Tuesday, 17 July 2012

All Muddy Roads Lead To....Boryeong!

With these rains in the middle of a sizzling summer, all roads are wet.

And all roads at Boryeong are wet and....muddy! 
                            (The mud race competitors ready to run!)
A couple of years back, I was at Boryeong Beach to enjoy the mud festival. And going back there was always in the plan. 
                             (Mud wrestling for the ladies!)
And this time, after about two hours of sitting on the bus heading to South Chungcheon Province at the west coast of the Korean peninsula, the beach, the fun and a lot of muddy people greeted me (along with the exfoliating properties of the Boryeong mud! Ha-ha-ha!) when I got off the bus!
                                           (Mud wrestling for guys, too!)
It looked like it was so difficult to squeeze on all this fun in just one weekend. And even more difficult to squeeze in all that fun in just one blog.
                    (The incredible rave party at the beach!)
 So, I have decided to write separate blogs for the mud marathon, the 'military-style' fun at the mud beach, the rave party at the beach, and everything else I enjoyed during the Boryeong Mud Festival weekend!
                                  (The Boryeong Mud Festival concert)
                                                     (The festival grounds)

But before I do blog, I need to clean myself up from all this mud.
                          (Together we stand...muddy!)

I will be right back!

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