Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dancing In The Middle Of Insadong!

It's Saturday afternoon in Insadong, around 2PM. The time of the day when tourists and locals, who, after enjoying their lunch, walk the alleys of Insadong  full of shops, cafes and art galleries.

From one end of the main alley, five giant mascots carried by five guys walked into the area, attracting everyone's attention. Who wouldn't notice them? They were twice my height!  They got noticed, but nobody knew they were an omen that something was about to happen in Insadong

The mascots, or rather, marionettes made of inflatables stopped at the main intersection and entertained the tourists with their dancing.

Then, out of nowhere...

An upbeat music started and three girls started dancing in the middle of the road, which initially, some passers-by did not notice or simply ignored. The music continued on and more dancers wearing pink and yellow Korea In Motion shirts joined the synchronized dancing.

It's a flashmob! And that's when people stopped and stood to watch!  Every one now realized that it was!

Having rehearsed the choreography and learned their cues, the flashmobbers from Korea In Motion made up of Korean and foreign volunteers were now in the center of attention at the center of Insadong! 

With all the tourists and locals taking photos and videos, and the dancers and b-boys impressing everyone of their production number, Insadong's main intersection was just turned into a theater of sorts, which just did not showcase Korean art, souvenirs and delicacies, but also a hint of creativity as part of Korea In Motion's way of letting everyone know that September 2012 will showcase musicals, non-verbal performances and other forms of performance arts in Korea.

Here's the Korea In Motion (KOINMO)>>> homepage.

And here are more of the KOINMO flashmob photos. Maybe later I'll also blog about the behind-the-scene rehearsal photos.

By the way, the full video of the flashmob has been uploaded by KOINMOmaster at...Youtube

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