Saturday, 8 September 2012

Revisiting Garibong's Outlets

One cool Saturday afternoon, I decided to hop on a bus and a subway train to get to Garibong, where a couple of years ago, I stumbled upon Zara outlets at the Mario Outlet and the Z Mall

 And now, when I thought of getting a few more of those KRW10,000-a-pair Zara pants as pasalubong (presents) when I fly home, spending an afternoon of travelling to the other side of the city was not a bad idea.

So, from Hannam-dong, I simply took the Blue Bus 214, got off at the stop near Nonhyeon Station of Line No. 7, the same line as the Gasan Digital Complex Station.

After walking out of Exit 4 of the Gasan Digital Complex Station, I strolled towards the Mario Outlet area and saw those 'sale' signs all over. Nothing much has changed, actually. I hope the prices have! Ha-ha-ha! Lower, of course.

I ventured into the Mario Outlet building and checked out the  Zara Outlet in the building, but I was disappointed. Not much interesting things for me. So, not to waste any time, I crossed the street and headed inside W-Mall, and went straight down to the basement level, where, once before, I was surprised with the items at the Zara outlet just next to the food court!

But now, the Zara outlet was gone! No more Zara pants! Only the food court was there...and the bulgogi menu! Ha-ha-ha!


Oh well, not my lucky day. So, I just roamed around and console myself at the GAP store on the opposite side, and got some KRW3,000 shirts. At least, I wouldn't go home empty-handed. I certainly wouldn't want those kilometers I covered from travelling go to waste. 
Do I want to come back here again someday? Maybe. Maybe not. Unless the Zara outlet returns next to the bulgogi restaurant at the basement of W-Mall, maybe I would.

But in the meantime, where is the Zara outlet? My brother wants his Zara pants quick!

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