Sunday, 23 September 2012

Today's Burger Is From Two Broz. In Itaewon

Living next to Itaewon is quite convenient especially when you think you're craving for something that's not available in the neighborhood. So, one lazy day, I had to finally drag myself out of bed just like what happened when a few marathoners ran passed my neighborhood in Hannam-dong.

So, today, feeling like a zombie walking aimless out of Hannam-dong and towards Itaewon through that busy street along the Soonchungyang Hospital, I ended up at the intersection of Cheil Building with a grumbling stomach and a red traffic light.
But after turning left at Cheil, I spotted this burger joint which I often see from my Blue Bus 110 window on my way home. I would only see it from afar, and this time I thought, I really had to see it (and taste it!).

Two Broz. Burgers & Hotdogs
I just walked in, ordered from chicken-bacon burger from the menu (no fries!) and just a cup of soda -- something to fill my grumbling tummy with! 
And as I sat there enjoying my burger thinking half-hour ago, I was just getting out of Hannam-dong hungry. And now, I was happy I made the trek.
So, next I was hungry and in the vicinity, I definitely know where to heat to -- that burger joint with good burgers, white, simple interiors and menu to fill one's grumbling tummy.

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