Tuesday, 19 February 2013

"Snow Should Only Be In Postcards!"

That's what I was babbling about when I made my way home one Sunday night from my trip to the special winter Olympics as my path was being covered with thick snow. This was a blizzard of sorts in the city and everyone was careful on the snow! To paraphrase a popular quote, a journey of a few hundred meters (to my home), began with the first slippery step!  
                                 (The heavy snow kept these gas station 
                            attendants busy all night)

Cars and buses on the road slowed down and the pedestrians walked even slower.  Both machines and humans were not in control of their paths that night. The weather was! It was either they'd skid, slip or break something.

                                             (Dirty sidewalk, dirty shoes)
                            (Slushy, slippery and dirty)

Me? I had no choice but to be patient, listen to the crushed snow under my shoes at every step, and just try to enjoy the snowy chaos!
                       (If fresh snow isn't swept, it turns into slippery ice)

This is the nasty side of winter. Heavy snow on the sidewalk and you have to walk through it! For those who haven't experienced winter, yes, snow looks pretty and nice on postcards, but jeez, if its messes with your daily routine, you won't look at snow the same way ever again. Ha-ha-ha!  Snow is actually frozen water. So, if heavy rainfall brings flood, heavy snowfall brings slippery sidewalks and dirty shoes.
                                         (I woke up to this winter postcard)
                 (Everything looks cute and white from the window)

Going back to postcard-perfect snow. 

It's always nice to wake up to a snowed morning when you look out your window and you see an all-white neighborhood. But the idea of a winter wonderland remaings just right there - a scenery from your window. Because when you go out of your house and head down to work, the term 'when hell freezes over' gets another meaning. Ha-ha-ha!
               (A red jacket snow sweeper in the neighborhood)
                                (My neighbors' homes covered in snow)
               (A lady measuring up her shadow in the snow)

Well, I wish snow would only be in postcards. But since it has to spill onto the sidewalks and into our daily routines, let's just make sure we don't slip, we don't fall and most of all, we don't forget that snow always melts and will go away by spring! 
                                            (Kids playing in the snow)
                     (Lying on the snow on their school uniforms?)

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