Saturday, 9 February 2013

Thank You To The National 119 Rescue Services!

#119 is the emergency number you call in Korea. It's the National 119 Rescue Services.

Last night, when I got home, when the temperatures were dropping to about -15'C, I saw a neighbor's pipe busted and water was gushing down through the alley in the neighborhood like a mini-water falls and turning our neighborhood into an icy mini-Cheonggye-cheon, but without the tourists. These neighbors must have been away for the lunar new year holidays as their lights were out.
But another neighbor must have called for help because this morning, I saw three #119 workers in their black jackets cracking the ice formed by the water from the busted pipe. It already caused the alley to be really slippery for anyone passing by, although I don't know how they were able to repair the busted pipe. Maybe they turned off the neighbor's main water system.

My neighbors must have been pleased by now. The alley is no longer icy. Their cars can now drive through, and nobody would be worried any more about slipping. The only thing that that neighbor should be worried about is their water bill.
                                                              (All clear now!)
So, thanks to those National 119 Rescue Services workers who, even though it's a big holiday in Korea, came to repair the busted pipe, cleared the ice and well, got everything safe again in our little neighborhood in Hannam-dong. 

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