Sunday, 10 March 2013

(For K-Pop Fans) If It's 2PM, It's Time For Hands Up!

I heard from my friends in the Philippines that 2PM just had a successful, sold-out concert in Manila last week. Way to go, 2PM boys! This reminds me to thank the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) again for a gift they sent a few weeks back:  the 2PM's limited edition CD, 2PM Members' Selection
And speaking of 2PM, both the band and the time, usually after lunch during weekdays, drowsiness sometimes kicks in for anyone who's been working late the night before (or drinking late for some!). For me, a trip down to the building's arcade for a cup of iced cafe mocha always does the trick. But for some, maybe, he or she should just plug in an earphone and play 2PM's music CD!

Not that he or she should then stand up on the desk and dance with hands up mimicking 2PM's choreography in the video, because blasting the song through your ears in full volume will awaken even the dead. But some fast music would eventually get into your system and give those sleepy brain cells a kick!

          (Thanks, KTO, for the 2PM limited edition CD!)

I still have the other 2PM CD which I got the other year by attending KTO's launching of 2PM and miss A's interactive movie to promote tourism in Korea. On that occasion, I told a couple of 2PM members that I did like their 'Hands Up' music video. That song, of course, can also wake up any sleepy head on any drowsy afternoon.

So, if anybody in the office sees me moving or shaking my head while my earphones are on, you know what song is playing. Ha-ha-ha! Or perhaps, I may just have a lot of caffeine in my system. 

And for those fans who missed their 'WhatTime Is It?' concert in Manila, here are a few photos from their press conference and concert released by their official account in KakaoTalk messenger:

          (Photo credit: 2PM through Kakao Talk messenger) 

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