Wednesday, 6 March 2013

"Let Him Eat Cake!"

Cafe Mary Grace's truffle cake, that is!

Before I flew back to Korea from my Manila vacation, my friend Cielo gave me some 'pabaon'. A pabaon is a Filipino word for provisions that one brings to school, to the office or in my case, to Seoul, Korea!

So, before I checked in at NAIA 3 for my flight bound for the Incheon International Airport, we checked the goodies galore at Cafe Mary Grace at Greenbelt 3 (in Makati City, Philippines) for me to see face-to-face for the last time those glorious cakes which I wouldn't be able to see at any bake shop in Seoul. 

Cielo got me two cakes! One rum butter cake and the other, the truffle cake, which the Cafe Mary Grace staff carefully transferred from its traditional box into a small plastic container which I bought a day before just for this.  I made sure that if I had to put the cake into my handcarry bag, this glorious delight would not transform from its round shape into some form that is not included in the list of three-dimensional shapes we studied in high school geometry.

And the cakes flew to Korea! Economy class! Ha-ha-ha!

                          (These goodies flew to Korea!)

And the days following my (and the cakes') arrival in Korea, I am still enjoying this delight even though I am nowhere near any Cafe Mary Grace. But thanks to the thoughtfulness of a good friend, living away from family and friends in this chilly winter season in Korea is not bad at all, especially when I know that there's always a slice of home awaiting inside my refrigerator. 

So, as I try to enjoy a slice of the truffle cake, I could hear Marie Antoinette call out, "Let him eat cake!" And if she were actually around, I would be able to convince her that the delight one gets from enjoying Mary Grace's truffle cake (or even the rum butter cake!) is one thing she would be willing to lose her head for. 

                 (The divine MG truffle cake well preserved
                        in my plastic container!)

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