Friday, 1 March 2013

The Korean Air Force's Version of Les Miz: Les Militaribles

It was creative, honest and very funny! The first two adjectives could be used to describe Victory Hugo's Les Miserables, but the last one could be definitely used to describe the Korean Air Force's take on one of the most popular films in Korea this winter!

I was laughing out loud (and not just LOL) when I first watched Les Militaribles, the Korean Air Force's parody on the Les Miserables, a few weeks ago. The lyrics about clearing the snow, the limited visitor's time and the airman's break-up with his girlfriend were creatively adopted into the melodies of the original musicale, all to make fun of a soldier's life while fulfilling his mandatory military service. 

But beyond the funny lyrics were the very good voices of the soldiers! I was impressed! They could sing better than any of the current K-pop boy bands! Their voices were firm, have range and some even have big voices and natural vibrato!  And they can act! I guess, after serving in the military, these guys can have a career as musicale actors!

I can understand it was not so easy to make this video. A lot of writing and thinking, auditioning a lot of soldiers and of course, a lot of rehearsals, not to mention hours of actually filming the whole thing. Clearing snow is a strenuous task, indeed!

So, congratulations to the Republic of Korea's Air Force! This piece of work was fun to watch and listen to, and gives us a glimpse that a Korean soldier's life is not all about clearing snow and boring days, but having fun as well!

And if you haven't watched the video at Youtube yet, do click below and have a good laugh like those people who have clicked on it more than four million times!

And kudos to actors HyunJai Lee, GunHee Kim and Min-Jeong Lee, who played Jean Valjean, Javert and Cosette, respectively. Great work, guys! 

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