Sunday, 28 April 2013

Thanks, buzz KOREA, For The iPad-Mini!

Well, just leave to the the Korea Tourism Organization's buzz Korea to roll out the best prizes! 

Over the years of blogging and participating in their contests and games, I have won quite a few prizes. Since blogging is just a hobby for me, sort of a way to help promote the things I do and the places I visit in Seoul and around South Korea, I  appreciate receiving these prizes and souvenirs. 

Two years ago, my blog about a day spent in and around Myeongdong, The Occidental Tourist, was voted as one of the top ten blogs, for which I won a hefty sum of shopping money (which I splurged on pasalubong shopping at the duty-free shop!). But this time, on the buzz Korea's app (do download it on your smartphone if you haven't yet), they rolled out again a contest with impressive prizes: iPad Minis!
So, who wouldn't be interested in participating in contest with such prizes? I immediately downloaded the app and, as they say in baseball, I immediately swung away! I uploaded photos of tourist attractions in Seoul accompanied by its location and a bit of information about the place, and voila!

I won an iPad Mini! Yes, it was that easy! 

So, for all of you who want to win prizes, too, just watch out for the contests where, while you help promote Seoul and South Korea to the world, you win souvenirs and prizes, too!
And while you're at it, do visit buzz Korea's homepage for more information about the festivals, tourist attractions and things to do in Seoul and Korea.

Thanks again, buzz Korea! And happy sightseeing, everyone!

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