Saturday, 6 April 2013

Who Cares About These Silly Threats? It's K-Pop Party Time!

Jeez, most media outlets on print, online and on TV have been reporting non-stop about North Korea's threats, which I think was its plan - to grab the world's attention. And well, everyone fell into its trap. But does it have to sound exaggerated every time? My friends and relatives from overseas have been asking me about it, and I always tell them that my reaction is: nothing.  And yesterday, on TV, a middle-aged, white-haired, male CNN reporter reported from what looked like an alley in the Jongno district of Seoul which is full of bars, clubs and the locals' favorite hangouts, saying that "this could be ground zero". Huwaaat???  That small street full of neon signs and barkers inviting everyone on the street into their bars for soju, chicken and a lot fun --- was going to be ground zero??  I hope he was kidding! Because if anyone drops something on that alley and destroys it, things will get ugly! 

So I did the next best thing: I turned off the TV. Ha-ha-ha!  I had better things to do than listen to this irritating crap every day.

And speaking of better things to do, is there anything else better than.....TO PARTEEEH?
Yes, while everyone else was watching those sensationalized news on TV, the Korea Tourism Organization feted the 2012 and 2013 K-Performance Supporters into a buffet dinner and a K-pop concert in Gangnam. (Thank you, KTO and staff!)
That 'Thank You' party and K-pop concert night deserves a separate blog (with more photos and videos I took of the artists), which I may have to write soon. This one's just to get this complaining of sensationalized news off my chest. Ha-ha-ha!
So, to my friends from everywhere, this is what we do in South Korea amidst these so-called provocations.  We party!

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