Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Pinoy in Binondo: Salazar's Hopia!

Its crust is flaky and soft; its filling has a real ube taste with its sweetness just enough to flood my palate with memories of one of my favorite snacks.... hopia!

All these years, even as I am away from home, thoughtful friends visiting Korea always brought me hopia as pasalubong. From the Seoul drama queens who brought me these, to my friend Remy who also brought me a box which I shared with the Admiral at Gwanghwamun, to Agnes, and to JM and Jasmin, who also got me a box!

All these years, I have enjoyed the Eng Bee Tin and Polland hopia brands, but on my visit to Manila's Chinatown in Binondo, I was introduced to Salazar's hopia by friends Diana and Marlu!

I think a long time ago, another friend Dia, who used to work in the Binondo area, told me about this brand, but I guess I forgot about it. And today, on our visit to Salazar Bakery in Binondo, I wondered why it was called Salazar Bakery when this was obviously owned by a Chinese-Filipino family. According to Diana, the original location of their bakery was on Salazar Street. Now, it's on Ongpin Street.

But no matter where it's located, or what its bakery name is, this hopia is definitely the best! I just love, love, love it! And it's reasonably cheap, too!

How, I wish I would be able to bring all these goodies back to Seoul, so I can enjoy them every time my tummy grumbles. But I need not worry as Salazar's Bakery isn't going away and I know my way around Manila's Chinatown. This bakery is definitely in my list next time I fly home.

                     (A happy bunch of Salazar Bakery fans!)

So, in the meantime, let me just enjoy my hopia, one bite at a time.

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