Tuesday, 16 July 2013

A Pinoy in Binondo: The Best Lumpia In (China)Town!

From where I grew up, in the province of Negros Occidental, fresh lumpia must be eaten within a day it's made because the ingredients don't allow it to stay long. But since the Ilonggo-style fresh lumpia is specially yummy, they usually don't actually stay on the table for long. Ha-ha-ha! The last time I had fresh lumpia Ilonggo-style was at El Ideal Bakery in Silay City in Negros Occidental, when I bought a dozen to Manila for Tita Sylvia. And that was more than a year ago.

                                   (Spacious and airy!)

But this time, during my tour of Binondo, courtesy of my friends Diana and Marlu, it's a different style of fresh lumpia I discovered!

The fresh veggies, peanut powder and a few more ingredients which were all squeezed into the fresh lumpia wrapper like a rolled fat, white blanket, and laid out on a plate. A whole fresh lumpia would be lunch for me, but since this was like an up-sized fresh lumpia, it has to be cut into two and shared.
                           (Tourists waiting for their fresh lumpia!)

I wasn't surprised I have not been to this hidden restaurant, New Po-Heng Lumpia House along Quintin Paredes St. in Binondo, Manila. It was really hidden!  One has to know where to find it because its entrance wasn't obvious from the sidewalk. You have to know where to find it, and lucky for us, our friend Diana, a Binondo native, was there to introduce us to the best lumpia not just in Chinatown, but on this side of Metro Manila!

                        (A courtyard in a lumpia house!)

Aside from their fresh lumpia, they also serve maki, which is a thick, dark saucy broth. And both go well together! Add a soda to the duo and it's perfect for me! And all of their dishes have unbelievably reasonable prices!
                                            (A halved fresh lumpia!)
Not only is their fresh lumpia is the best for me this side of town, their restaurant is also unique with a mini-courtyard right in the middle of an old building. If you want to visit them, just Google them. They're in Facebook, too! 
Aside from the Salazar Bakery, this New Po-Heng Lumpia House should also be in everyone's list when visiting Binondo!

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