Wednesday, 10 July 2013

It's A Mad, Mud Race At The Boryeong Mud Festival!

I hate running. I have flat feet and running, while it rewards me with weight loss, it also rewards me with some moments of agony. Last year, I had to complete a 9-kilometer run, and if it were not for the yellow autumn leaves and the cool autumn breeze, I would have given up between the Kilometer 2 marker and the water stop.

        (The mayor addressing the crowd and participants)

But at the Boryeong Mud Festival, they have the annual 5-kilometer run, not on a track, but on mud! I would have wanted to complete this one, but I'd rather watch and have fun watching.

And fun watching I had! 
                             (The participants at the starting line)
At the starting line, a hundred runners await the sound of the starting gun. The runners were actually advised to wear socks if they want to run without any footwear. Why? The run was on the mud beach on the other side of Boryeong town, where sea shells could slice one's foot if you step on them. But seeing these runners, who not only want to have fun, they also want to win it! This was a serious mad run on the mud!  Or a run on mud that's madly serious!
                                                  (And off they go!)

With the town mayor firing the starting pistol to signal the start of the race, everyone dashed through the mud beach, running around the check points and off to a few more kilometers of watery, slippery, muddy patches of the beach.
                                        (The muddy race leaders)

Those who completed were awarded medals, drinks and applause from fellow finishers and spectators. And the top finishers were awarded trophies to commemorate their muddy feet, er, feat! 
                                 (At the turn-around, check point)

So, who else will be running this year at the mad, mud race?  Make sure you got extra pair of socks and pair of running feet that are not afraid to get mad, er, muddy.
                                              (Run like the wind!)

                       (A medal awaits at the finish line)

                                       (Tired and down in the mud)

                            (That's a long race at the mud flats. 
                        Those are participants from afar.)
                (Resting their tired legs and waiting for the 
                               rest of the pack to finish)
                                          (Trophies for the winners)

                        (My very clean white socks before the walk 
                                around the mud beach)
(And what looks like a pair of socks underneath the mud)

See you at the muddy finish line this year! :-)

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