Saturday, 24 August 2013

Thanks To buzz KOREA and Shilla Duty-Free Shop For My Korea Tumbler!

This is what I love about buzzKorea!  They know how to show their appreciation to the fans, to the followers and to the bloggers like me who help promote Seoul and the whole of South Korea to the world!

So, who wants a tumbler decorated with images of Korea? I do, of course!

So, one early evening, I made my way to the Dongkuk University Station of Line 3 to get to the Shilla Duty-Free Shop. Since the closest exits to the Shilla Hotel are under renovation, I got out of Exit 4, where a Shilla Duty-Free shuttle bus was waiting. How convenient!  In case you miss the earlier shuttle bus, another one comes along every few minutes. And don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt, as the driver would advise everyone on the bus.

And when I arrived at the Shilla Duty-Free Shop, I made my way to the Basement 1 and looked for the Customer Service Desk and waited for my turn.

It was so easy! I just presented my printed voucher, which indicated my passport number; I also brought my passport for verification. After that, the lady gave me my gift!  For those living in Korea, you can use your alien card instead of your passport.

So, thanks to buzz Korea and Shilla Duty-Free Shop! I can now have warm coffee using my new Korea tumbler!

And if you want one, too, do click this link to get your gift voucher:

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