Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Win Free Plane Tickets To Korea Through The K-Performance App!

Do you want to win free plane tickets to Korea?

Just participate in the Korea Performance Digital Book App launching event. Here's how:

1. On your iPad, iPhone or Galaxy Note, download the Korea Performance app. You can just google "Korea performance app download" and it will lead you to an link.

2. Click install on that page and wait for the download.

3. After downloading, watch the interesting Korea Performance Digital Book, which features Korean performance which are available to be enjoyed when you're in Seoul.

4. Fill up the 'review' page (your name, answers to the questions, email address, etc) of the app and you're included in the draw!

I have already downloaded the Korea Performance app in my iPad-mini, and I'm crossing my fingers, too!

Good luck!
For more details, do click this link:

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