Sunday, 24 November 2013

We Will All Get Through This! Babangon Tayo!

It has been two weeks now since Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) swept through the Visayas in the Philippines and changed the lives, landscape and everything else on its path.

The worst is definitely over. And thanks to the help from generous local and international donors, Samar, Leyte and the rest of the worst-hit areas in the Visayas, our kababayans who survived the most powerful typhoon on the planet, are taking it each day at a time in slowly rebuilding their lives and community.

Yes, as I wrote last week, Yolanda (Haiyan) was just a typhoon, while we....are Filipinos. Resilient, strong and not be underestimated.

Thousands are still mourning the dead and the missing, thousands of children must have been orphaned, and unfortunate fathers and mothers are grieving for their children. I cannot even imagine what grief that is to endure. I can only sympathize and pray for them.

Even though the skies over Tacloban and the other islands have cleared and must be sunny these days, let's not forget that the most difficult task ahead is yet to begin: the rebuilding of the lives, livelihood and communities.

And while we, the lucky ones, have been spared to suffer this unspeakable tragedy, let's continue to help, not only this time, but in the months and years to come. You have all seen the devastation. They all need our help.

To my kababayans, we will get through this! Babangon tayo uli! 

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