Friday, 24 January 2014

Acid Snow In Seoul!

It would have been just another cold day, But Monday morning, just like everyone else, I woke up to a snowed city!
It's always a struggle walking on icy, slippery and snowed sidewalks and pathways. One has to watch his or her steps and maintain balance, while reading status updates on Facebook on a smartphone. Ha-ha-ha! 

Me? I just take pictures of my path and walk slow, bearing in mind that slipping, falling down and breaking a bone are not a good way to start a week!  I wonder how those girls with high heels keep their balance on these icy sidewalks?

But what's worse than this snowy morning is the news that this was acid snow!  Last week, very fine particles from China have been blowing over the Korean peninsula, causing health problems for anyone exposed. These must have been from factories over there which have been blowing their pollution into the atmosphere and have traveled for weeks to the hapless, neighboring countries.

And now that these hazardous particles are actually in the snow, this fluffy, flaky, crystalline ice has become an elementa non grata itself.
So, when you're out on the streets when it's snowing, I'd rather you not open your mouth to catch the floating snow, unless, of course, you want to incorporate some hazardous metals into your diet. 

Take care, everyone!


  1. Hi! I'm planning a trip to Seoul next year either on Jan 26-31 or Feb 9-14. Of the two dates, when will it be best to see snowfall but at the same time be possible to go around the city without freezing? I've read that January gets the most snowfall during winter but I'm worried that it would be impossible to be out for too long because of the harsh, cold weather. I badly need an advice. Thanks a lot!

  2. It's difficult to predict when snowfall is expected in Seoul. But if you have time to go to Gangwon Province, you're sure to catch some snow there, especially up the mountains. To keep warm, just wear thermals, boots and everything else to keep you warm. With these, you won't freeze and will be able to enjoy walking around Seoul. Enjoy!