Wednesday, 28 May 2014

From Where I Sip: Brunch Cafes!

To continue with my From Where I Sip series...

They're more than just coffee shops. They're more like a cafe with a small kitchen.
          (Cafe Apassionato's mocha frappuccino, cheesecake  
                                     and a ham sandwich)

My all-time favorite cafe that served sandwiches and omelettes was Cafe Appasionato in Hannam-dong in the Yongsan District of Seoul. The location was perfect. It sat by the main Hannam-dong intersection; the seats by the window and at the entrance were always taken. Their mocha frappuccino was served on a tall glass, and they also made omelettes and sandwiches. 

When I first visited the cafe years ago, it was run and owned by a foreigner, a white male, and probably American. A year later, a Korean lady took over (she must have bought the cafe) and was always there to take orders. She was always dressed nicely and probably had an Asian blepharoplasty, or a double eyelid surgery, because whenever I saw her, her eyes were so wide open when she looked at me. Or maybe, she was just happy to see her regular customer. Ha-ha-ha!

I like these cafes, especially when I just want to work quietly on a corner with iced cafe mocha and some real food, without having to worry about getting hungry while I am trying to finish my work. I especially liked that cafe because they also had big tables. I could spread my papers in the middle, my laptop on the left, and my food on the right. I used to commandeer one of their two big round tables, which also had an electric outlet for my laptop. Now, that cafe is gone and its previous location is now occupied by a bar and frequented by people who'd rather drink alcohol than caffeine. 
                  (Patpingsu and ham-and-cheese 
                        sandwich at Paris Croissant)

In my neighborhood, the only brunch cafe left is Paris Croissant. The other brunch places are actually restaurants with small tables and bigger kitchens. You can't occupy a table for hours in these establishments. Customers here eat and go, as coffee and a cafe atmosphere aren't really their main attraction.

Of course, the omelettes and sandwiches on the menus of brunch cafes may be pricey. The KRW19,000 is the price to pay for not being able to fry your eggs with cheese and with french toast on the side. Or the price to pay for not knowing how to make a very good pancake. Ha-ha-ha! So, on days when you're lazy to cook some breakfast, or when your kids pressure you for some pancakes, you can always drag them to these brunch cafes and enjoy a relaxing brunch. Who knows? I may be seated on the next table.

So, what's your favorite brunch cafe?
                  (Blueberry pancake from Cafe Alice)

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  1. Oh my, they look delicious!!! How was the Patbingsu? And not to be nosy, but do you have a girlfriend (or hope to)?