Monday, 19 May 2014

From Where I Sip: Leonidas Cafe!

I have always claimed that theirs is the best coffee in Seoul!
How else can you describe an iced cafe mocha mixed with Belgian chocolate?

(One free chocolate for every coffee ordered at Leonidas!)

Before I continue on with my From Where I Sip series, I just want to write this shoutout to Leonidas Chocolates and Cafe. Yes, they sell the best chocolates, but they make the best coffee, too!  I first discovered their chocolatey cafe mocha at their Myeong-dong cafe years ago, which then closed, and then recently opened again. 

And I always thought I always had to run to Myeong-dong to get the best iced cafe mocha in Seoul...until they opened a cafe in Itaewon!

Their coffee shop used to be the one occupied by Jubilee coffee, just above Olive Young. That location is one of the best places to people-watch in Itaewon. You order your coffee, sit by the window, chat with friends, and look down at everyone passing, enjoying and having a good time in Itaewon! 

Of course, when I visited their Itaewon coffee shop for the first time this week, I ordered for an iced cafe mocha! And just like before, the rich chocolatey-ness of the coffee flooded my palate with flavorful enjoyment, which momentarily let me forget that I had to work overtime that night. Ha-ha-ha!

               (My chocolates are inside this metal heart!)

So, thanks to the Leonidas baristas Randy and Cora, I was able to enjoy the best chocolate coffee in Seoul again. I told them both that I would be back. Hopefully, next week!

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