Tuesday, 6 May 2014

From Where I Sip....

The cafe culture in Korea is huge. That's why, when you walk around Seoul, you'd see one coffee shop after another. A neighborhood wouldn't be complete without one, even if it's just a kiosk.

And just like any Korean, I also like sitting in coffee shops or cafes. But unlike any Korean, who usually loves to order iced americano, I prefer an iced cafe mocha! Ha-ha-ha!

All these years of living in Seoul, I must have sat down in hundreds of cafes. Why? Because that's where I update this blog, chat with friends, grab something to eat, read a book, write my essays, and most important, work overtime! 

Yes, during my busy work days, I usually extend my working hours....at a coffee shop! That's why I always like sitting in a cafe that closes past midnight! I remember one time, at a coffee shop in my Hannam-dong neighborhood in the Yongsan District, I was so engrossed in my work that I lost track of time until...the crew told me that they were closing! It was 11:30PM! I got kicked out of a cafe! Ha-ha-ha! Too bad, that cafe already closed down; I liked their soft seats and tables. And of course, their iced cafe mocha in tall glasses!

During those hundreds of cafe visits for me, I sometimes observed what other people were doing, which gave me an idea. What about a series of blogs about them?

I will be sharing stories soon...from where I sip.


  1. Coffee shops and cosmetic stores in Korea are like sari sari stores and carinderia here..they are everywhere, in every street. Coffee shops in Korea are also unique and cute/themed cafes especially those which are not owned by coffee shop chains. And yeah, why do Koreans love iced americano! hahahaha i prefer caramel macchiato! :)


    1. I heard most Koreans like americano because, one, it's less fattening, two, most Koreans don't like sweet coffee, and, three, maybe because it's not that expensive compared with the other coffee flavors. Actually, it's a very fierce competition in the cafe industry; survival of the fittest, so to speak.