Saturday, 7 June 2014

From Where I Sip: Textbooks And Students

To continue on with my From Where I Sip series...

In most coffee shops, on any given day (or night!), there would always be people reading text books, scribbling notes and discussing lessons with their classmates. 

These are the studious students. Mostly high school and college students doing their homework, writing their papers or cramming for an exam. In my high school and college days, there was only a library and a study hall. Nowadays, these students have another venue: coffee shops!

I can understand it's always difficult to concentrate or get your homework done at home where there's TV and a comfortable bed. And perhaps, noisy neighbors.

These students I always see at coffee shops would buy a drink, occupy a quiet corner, get their textbooks and iPods out, and study away! The whole morning, afternoon or night! 

I used to see a lot of them at Starbucks and at the 24-hour Tom N Toms in Itaewon. But when a group of noisy people seated at the next table is as noisy as a jet plane taking off, you would need more than the concentration of a pilot flying an Airbus 380! It's always irritating when two or three people facing each other at a table are talking at a volume so loud it's as if they are a kilometer away from each other. I'm not sure if they have hearing problems, or maybe, they just don't care that a student seated nearby is cramming for an exam the next day.

I was a good student myself (naks!), and I know that getting good grades needs a lot of hard work and studying. 

So, the next time you and your friends are in a coffee shop babbling loudly away about a new thing you bought or gossiping about other people, try to look around and be considerate. The student seated next to you is studying for his or her future. Who knows? Perhaps, that student would become somebody some day.

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