Monday, 21 July 2014

Boryeong Mud Festival's Mud Extreme Challenge!

The Boryeong Mud Festival is underway right now, and right in the thick (mud) of it, revelers and mud-lovers must have bathed themselves with the therapeutic Boryeong mud from feet!

(Trying to throw another group out of the 'ring'.)
                       (The poor guy is outnumbered.)

But do you know that on the other side of Boryeong there's a mud extreme challenge? Right on the mud flats where I think they get the mud, the organizers have set up events like the mud race and this mud extreme challenge.

                          (I didn't even think of joining. 
                     These guys are big and merciless.)
              (One guy is pinned down, while his teammate 
                            is being thrown overboard)
                    (And his teammate disappears!)

The mud race is like sprinting without the fear of stumbling down. After all, if you slip, trip or fall, it would all be in the name of mud fun! But if you don't and end up winning the race, you'd get a medal or a trophy.

One other event at the mud flats is the mud extreme challenge where participants are advised to change into fatigue or camouflage pants and black long-sleeved t-shirts. Not that these clothes would still look recognizable after a morning of playing in the mud, but it's to make everyone look like they're in the marines whose main objective is to train and have fun muddy military style!

                     (It's the women's turn to wrestle)
                            (Let the wrestling begin!)
One game, a wrestling-type, slippery contact sport is played inside a 'ring', where two groups of men (or women) try to wrestling another group and throw them out of the 'ring'. Whichever group has remaining members inside the 'ring' wins. Of course, a female group competes with another female group, while male groups separately compete, too. There's no match where a male group wrestles against a female group. Otherwise, it would be a different game. But I think everyone would want to watch it. Ha-ha-ha!

                        (Shoulder-on-shoulder wrestling)

While some revelers try to play soccer on the slippery mud flats, another group would pit two female participants against each other by carrying them on someone's shoulders as they wrestle against each other. I guess who ever falls flat on the mud first loses.

These events on the mud flats are quite different from those enjoyed at the park. These are a little rough and kids may not be allowed to join.  There's a reason why they call it 'extreme'.  
                                 (The Boryeong Mud World Cup)

So, if you're at the Boryeong Mud Festival this week, I hope you're able to enjoy this event, too. After all, it's only once a year when you can join the military-style fun, or wrestle with someone else without getting arrested. Or perhaps, play with mud without your mom scolding you. Ha-ha-ha!

Have muddy fun, everyone!
                                  (Muddy reflections!)

                  (Actually, I took the photo upright, but 
                      I posted them upside down.)
PS. The organizers bring in water through water trucks where the participants can shower off the mud after. 

                                   (Loving the mud!)
                                   (Mudly in love?)

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