Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Letter Of The Day: 'B' Is For Blue Bus, Breakfast And Biscocho!

I would have wanted to start with the letter 'A', not because it's the first letter of the alphabet, but because it's the first letter of mi nombre. Ja-ja-ja!

But the bus that was standing by the bus stop waiting for me to cross the street this morning on my way to work gave me an idea about this 'alphabet blog'. 

And so, as a tribute to the second letter of the alphabet, I hereby dedicate all these 'B' things for this useful letter without which we cannot play 'ball', we cannot eat 'beef', we cannot enjoy a 'barbecue', we cannot drink 'beer', nor can we call somebody a 'b-tch'. Ha-ha-ha!

But today, I'm settling on just a few B's: the BLUE BUS which I rode, my breakfast of BISCOCHO (baked bread coated with sugar and butter, and is a famous delicacy in the Iloilo Province), and my #itsmorefuninthePhilippines coffee mug resting on my new 'BA-O' wooden cup holder. 'Ba-o' is Ilonggo (a Philippine dialect spoken in Negros Occidental and in the Panay Island) for 'turtle'. This wooden carving shaped into a turtle is a gift from my friend Marlu, who got this for me at the Salcedo Village Market in Makati City last Saturday morning. (Thanks, Marlu!)

So, as I drink my hot coffee and munch down my biscocho, let me ask you: what's your favorite 'B' word?

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