Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer In Seoul! Everyone Is In The Pool!

 No wonder the mall is always full these days. Before classes resume in a few weeks, kids and their moms are flocking to playgrounds and malls, and these days, to swimming pools around Seoul to play, cool off and enjoy their vacation!

Today, on swimming pools I saw at I-Park Mall in the Yongsan District, kids and their moms are busy soaking in the cool waters while the temperatures are sizzling at above 30'C. They'd rather be inside the pool, than be at the neighborhood park or at home.

With lifeguards looking after them (their babysitters for the day, I guess), all these kids want to do is to have fun in the pool and on the slides with the rest of their friends.

Now, I wonder if the pool is open to grown-ups at night? Ha-ha-ha!

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