Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Lights In Seoul: Shinsegae Department Store

I initially didn't want to take the subway, but since I was sure the traffic going downtown was bad, I had no choice. 

I was going to Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong last night to check out a few things I need to get before flying out for my Christmas vacation. Getting out of Exit 5 of Myeongdong Station and just walk towards Lotte from there seemed faster. No traffic, no standing in the bus, and no time wasted.

But as I made a right turn on that corner where the Korea Post Building stands, something caught my attention. The Shinsegae Department Store building was turning into a huge movie screen and was illuminated by a Christmas-themed light show.

I stopped for a while to take photographs. And as I looked for a good spot, I realized I wasn't the only audience. There were a few people along the sidewalk also mesmerized by the light show. 

If pedestrians were busy enjoying the light show on the street, I guess those in the buses and in their cars passing by Shinsegae were, too. As I stood there, I noticed that the projections were beamed from a building on the opposite side of the street, and those beamed slideshow lights must have been very bright in order to fight off all the other bright lights around the area.

This intersection of the streets from Namdaemun Market side, the one heading to Myeong-dong, and the street heading to the Namsan side is a very busy one. And the Shinsegae people must have created the slideshow to attract more customers to enter their doors, and also to remind the passers-by, like me, to perhaps drop in for a while after this light show.

                       (Merry Christmas from Shinsegae!)

The spectacle lasted only for a few minutes, and it was on a regular cycle that pauses for less than six minutes. Although I think the show starts after sundown and stops when the department store closes for the night, those scenes projected on the building's walls and the illuminated fountain right next to it are a perfect reminder for everyone that Christmas is coming, and it's time to shop for presents!

(The numbers are counting down to the next slide show)

And speaking of Christmas, I might as well take photographs of other buildings or corners in Seoul brightly decorated to herald Christmas in the city in case I chance upon a few more before I fly out.

                (When the fountain is decorated like this, 
                          it reminds me of a fondant cake)

I didn't expect that there was a blog somewhere when I got out of Myeongdong Station's Exit 5. Not only was there a blog; there is also a blog series: Christmas lights in Seoul!

            (3 minutes and 26 seconds till the next light show)

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