Sunday, 9 November 2014

Dae-Woong Kim's Unique Ceramic Pottery

It could have been a sleepy autumn afternoon. After running on the tennis court early Saturday morning, I decided to to give my legs a break. After all, they have been running around the city the whole week. Ha-ha-ha!
But after a nap, I decided to head down to the Gwangjin District of Seoul. My friend Hyun-Sung just invited me to a ceramics exhibition at their family's gallery.

After walking for a few minutes from the Achasan (Children's Grand Park) Station, I got to their gallery.
                   (Dae-woong Kim and some of his work)

The exhibit was the unique ceramic art of Mr. Dae-Woong Kim. His pieces of ceramic cups, bowls, kettle and other items, I was told, were unique as they have 'scars' around them that you can 'feel' by touching them with your fingers and with your eyes closed. These 'scars' make each item special as they tell the story of the artwork.  Mr. Kim 'cooks' his pieces in a fire-wood kiln for three days, enabling the ashes from the wood form part of the piece and giving the piece a natural glaze.

Mr. Kim has exhibited his work in a few galleries around Seoul and Korea, as well as in Poland, Germany, France and Croatia.

His exhibition at this gallery is scheduled until November 13.

You can see more of Dae-Woong Kim's work at his website:

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