Wednesday, 3 December 2014

As White As Snow...

Well, it wasn't a Snow White fairy tale that greeted everyone this morning in Seoul. Although it thinly snowed last Monday, which then melted away, today was the thickest snow so far.

For the record, I hate snowy days. Ha-ha-ha!  Yes, if you live in a place where there's winter, you know what I mean. As I always said, snow should only be in postcards.

(The ajussi is sweeping away fresh snow)

Snow is white and so fluffy to play with. But if it covers your foot path, it's slippery. And if you're not careful, you'd slip, fall and God forbid, have a selfie with one of your legs in a cast.

I hope tomorrow and in the next two weeks, there won't be any thick snow around. Well, at least while I am here. Ha-ha-ah!  I am flying out of the Korean peninsula soon for the warmer temperatures of the Philippines, and until then, please, no more thick snow!
(The road to freezing hell is paved with slippery intentions.)

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