Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Lights In Seoul: Myeongdong's Lotte Department Store!

Last week, I took photographs of the Christmas light-show from the street across the Shinsegae Department Store near  Myeong-dong. This week, it was time to take photographs of its rival department store's Christmas display.

I was passing through Myeong-dong the other night when I happened to be at the intersection across Lotte Department Store, which was ablaze with the best decorative lights, not only on the whole block, but probably on the whole northern side of Seoul.

Lotte Department Store's building seemed to have run out of space for more twinkling lights as worrying about the electric bill this Christmas was probably not in the store's to-do list. It's only worry, I guess, was how to increase its Christmas sales this season!

At the space on the store's corner, the trees wrapped in lights and the silhouette of a reindeer encouraged tourists and locals to pose with these Christmas attractions. I wonder how many thousands of lights there were there. These might have outnumbered the 20,000 LED lights currently on display at the Grass Hill area of the Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

After I crossed the street to get to my bus going home, I took more photographs from that side. The whole lane lined with luminous trees next to the department store even looked more impressive. This must be the only Christmas display in the whole city that boasts of the most number of lights on the trees, on the walls and everywhere else. The display even extended to the next Lotte Young Plaza building!

I will be returning to the Lotte Department Store in a couple of weeks to pick up some 'pasalubong' (presents) for home at its duty-free shop on the 10th floor. Even in this freezing evening temperatures, I intend to join the rest of the tourists and shoppers under those blinking lights again.

Now, before it snows heavily in Seoul, I need to visit more Christmas displays in the city. Otherwise, the next Christmas displays I'll see will be in the Philippines... 

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